Action Traction By Liam Bowers

Towards the beginning of the school year a permission slip was sent home saying that your artwork was chosen to go on display at the school district’s Education Support Building. Because the building follows normal school hours, we haven’t had a chance to see your work until today when it had extended hours. Honey and Ben got Audrey off the bus so you and I could leave right after school to meet Dad there. When we arrived the lady at the front desk gave us a map to the right hall and made sure you understood how special it was to have your art shown. She said about 1500 people come through those doors each day, many just to walk through the art galleries. And of all the kids in your school, only 7 were selected, yours being one. Do I sound like a proud mama? I definitely am. It is so much fun watching you excel at things I was never any good at. Clearly you take after your dad. The sports and artistic genes came from him! (Honey gave me some of Dad’s artwork from grade school that won recognitions–one is hanging in your room! Like father, like son.)

We took our time getting to your section, looking at all the art along the way. Finally we came to the boards designated for your school and found this colorful beauty.


2015-12-07 16.42.51

A picture of you taking a picture of your picture. Real art.

A picture of you taking a picture of your picture. Art inception.


Dad and I were so impressed with your art. You not so much. After looking at amazing pieces from the middle and high school students you said, “Mine isn’t as good as these. It’s kind of messy.” But we said it was abstract and had a good talk about all the different types of art. I’m hoping it comes home cause I’m framing that puppy. Very proud of you Bub.


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Chunky Cheese

Tonight was your introductory trip to Chuck E. Cheese. Somehow we made it 6 years without letting you know this place existed but a party invitation came that we wouldn’t refuse. On the way I told you where we were going and our conversation went like this:

Liam: Oh I like that place. I’ve been there before.
Mom: No, you haven’t.
Liam: Does it have a beaver or a mouse?
Mom: A mouse.
Liam: And a beaver.
Mom: Just a mouse.
Liam: I’ve been there before! There was a beaver. We ate, and went to the bathroom. And got gas.
Mom: (laughing) That’s BUC-EE’S!
Liam: Oh. And we are going to Buc-ee’s Cheese. That’s a different place.
Mom: Chuck E. Cheese.
Liam: Right.

A few minutes later when we pull up…

Liam: So this is Chunky Cheese.

Close enough.


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Six years old!

Today my biggest boy turns six and I can hardly believe it. I remember the day you were born like yesterday, yet I can hardly remember what our lives were like without you. You are smart, kind hearted, generous. Funny, athletic, compassionate. You love all things dinosaur, rodeo, and sports. You are a good friend, a fantastic brother and my favorite 6 year old son. I thank God every single day that I get to be your mom. Happy birthday buddy. I love you an axolotl.

IMG_5288 Liam pics from Paula 187 IMG_1098 IMG_1331 IMG_2329

11 Months Today

IMG_1551 IMG_1438 IMG_1891

I'm not exactly sure.

IMG_3074 IMG_0023 IMG_4056

You enjoyed beating the drums.

Look at that bedhead!


Favorite thing about Thanksgiving lunch? Chocolate covered strawberries of course!

A little wild-eyed but still cute.

You are my love...




IMG_1620 IMG_6645 2013-11-02 14.06.38IMG_7399 2013-12-24 16.06.28 2014-03-18 10.12.01 2014-07-10 17.53.52 2014-07-11 15.38.51
IMG_1902 IMG_1993 IMG_1517 IMG_1555 2014-12-12 11.13.09 (1) 2015-05-20 15.57.48 2015-05-23 08.13.22 2015-06-18 18.21.35 2015-07-17 14.24.18

2015-09-26 13.21.56 2015-08-04 13.12.32-1


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Meet the Teacher

2015-08-20 17.25.39-1

Even though you are not the oldest in our family, you are the first to hit all the milestones so you exhibit most of the firstborn characteristics. Specifically a fierce independance. When you were days old, you would cry if I cradled you like a baby. You wanted to be up on my shoulder looking around. At 9 months you started walking and never looked back. I could sometimes grab a kiss as you ran past me, but you weren’t one for sitting and snuggling. Before you were even two years old, you would come out of your bedroom in the morning fully dressed, having picked out an outfit from your drawers. And it would match. Other kids would cry when dropped off at Sunday school, the gym childcare, or MDO but not you. We’ve never experienced separation anxiety.


But tonight, as we walked inside your new elementary to meet the teacher, you looked up at me and said, “Mom, can I hold your hand?” How many times when you were little did I have to kneel down to look you in the face and insist you hold my hand in a parking lot? Or a crowded area? Or just for a moment because I love you? Never once can I think of a time you asked to hold mine. So while you didn’t tell me you were nervous and overwhelmed, that request said it all.


We held hands as we walked around the gym collecting information and your car rider sign. We held hands as we made our way through the masses and found your classroom. And we held hands as you met your teacher and found your place at a table. If for a moment I let go for any reason, you were quick to grab my hand again.

2015-08-20 17.52.05

Of the four kinder students we know at your new school, two are in your class. At your same table even! Thankful for that little gift of familiarity God gave us. You snacked on goldfish crackers, read a book about dinosaurs, and explored your room. We bought a school shirt and walked back to our car all smiles.

On our way through the parking lot it was raining, and you stuffed your new shirt under the one you were wearing to “keep it clean because it is brand new.”  And you asked if you could wear it when you got home. So while you didn’t tell me you were excited and ready for school to start, that request said it all.

2015-08-20 17.26.12

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The Ambulance

Today we were hanging out in Ben’s room (which used to be your room) when you noticed these stickers on the inside of the closet door. We haven’t talked about these since you stuck them there in 2012.

2014-11-14 15.55.14

Liam: Mom, is this one from the church?
Mom: Uhhhh, maybe? Which one, from what church?
Liam: This one! (Pointing to the silver badge sticker.) I got it one night at church.
Mom: Yep, I remember now. From trunk or treat when the firetrucks and police cars were there.
(Silence while you study the red sticker.)
Mom: Do you know where the other one is from?
Liam: The ambulance.
Mom: Yeah.
Liam: When it took Lukey to heaven.
Mom: Yeah.
Liam: Sigh.
Mom: Sigh.
(And a tiny giggle that you still think people are driven to heaven in an ambulance, despite my efforts at convincing you otherwise.)

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Bedtime Giggles

Why do you fold your hands like that?

“Why do you fold your hands like that?”

Oh hey Mom!

Whatcha got there?

"Take our picture mom!"

“Take our picture!”

I'll give you three guesses what happened to spark this laughter...

I’ll give you three guesses what happened to spark this laughter…

But I bet you'll only need one.

But I bet you’ll only need one.

Hint: It involves bodily functions.

Hint: It involves bodily functions.

Yep. That's the one.

Yep. That’s the one.

Kisses from brother.

Goodnight kisses for brother.

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I Won’t Grow Up


This is one sad face.

Today as we were about to step out of the car, we somehow began speaking about your future. I told you that one day you would grow big like Daddy and have your own wife, kids and house. The tears immediately started to fall.

Liam: I have to take all my things and leave our house?
Mom: Only when you get as big as Daddy. It won’t be for a very long time.
L: (with a heartbreaking quivering chin) But I like you. I don’t want to leave my home.
M: I know Love, but when you get big you will want to leave us to have your own family.  We will miss you but it’s a good thing! And we will still visit each other often.
L: I don’t want to be big I want to stay little.
M: Ok, then stay little.
L: But life will make me big, I can’t help it.
M: Well, that’s just true. (getting sad myself) We’ve still got 14 years, let’s not worry about this now.

But I know those remaining years will slip away much too quickly. And when the day comes that you are big enough to “take all your things and leave our house”, I’ll be the one wiping the tears away.


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